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Luis Victor Perez is a guitarist, interpreter and composer. He was born in Jaén in 1979, where he grew up, immersed in music, being part of different several music groups. It was there that his passion for flamenco was born, and Victor took his first lessons with Paco Aguilar in a “peña flamenca” a so-called flamenco meeting place.



Later on, as a part of his music formation, he joined up with Lourdes Castillo´s flamenco group, the guitarist, José Manuel Moreno and also trained with Juan Ballesteros (Linares) and Juan Carlos “el nano” (Andújar).  Later on he started to give lessons in Jaen and Villa del Río.



Victor’s family is one of musicians and artists, originally from Priego de Córdoba, to where he eventually moved. There he continued to teach and to give concerts, drawing from the love and special sensitivity for music received from his family since childhood.



Victor started to create his own interpretation of flamenco, and so attracting young and old, personal fans and music experts. His style is one suitable for all audiences and in his shows, people experience Victor’s personal themes, which offer new touches of his own musical interpretations. The flamenco becomes intimate and contagious in each of his compositions.

He also plays well-known versions of Vicente Amigo, David Peña Dorantes, Paco de Lucía, Camarón, Sabicas…and in his concerts Victor and his musicians bring us to the heart of flamenco.

Training and Teaching


Luis started his career as guitarist with his brother, Alberto Pérez, with whom he gave his first concerts. From then on, his desire to learn flamenco, took him to teachers such as Paco Aguilar, Rafael “Merengue de Córdoba”, Juan Ballesteros, Juan Antonio Expósito, Luis Balaguer…



Later on, he joined the “Music High School” in Córdoba in order to study the flamenco guitar with other professional guitarists like Paco Serrano, Manolo Franco or Manuel Martin. He received his honourary degree in flamenco guitar in 2006.



After several years of teaching in different schools in Jaén and Córdoba, Victor focused on the “Municipal School of Music” in Priego de Córdoba, where he had been teaching and promoting the flamenco guitar from 2003 to 2009. After that he moved to the Music High School “Joaquín Villatoro” in Jerez de la Frontera.



At present, he works as a flamenco guitar teacher in the High School of Music, “Músico Ziryab”, in Córdoba.


In 2013 he released his first CD called “Emperezando”, which can be found in digital stores like iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer or YoutubeMusic.

In 2016 he released his first book about  Flamenco Guitar Technique, in which there are 23 studies from  intermediate to advanced level. This book will help a lot of guitarists  in their progress  to express musical ideas in an imaginative,  relaxed way with total  freedom…or to perform themes of a higher level without dying in the attempt!


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