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Book Flamenco Guitar Technique

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This book was born out of the need that has emerged over the years, of the difficult techniques that my students have found  in taking on board a work or  in expressing themselves  naturally with the instrument. It is vitally important to work on the technique  in order to transmit freedom of musical expression, to not be set back by obstacles, to skip passages or to drain our creativity.

I created these 23 intermediate/advanced level studies with the intention of fast and effective learning.  They are short studies, easy to learn and remember which can be taken on board and begin to give results as quickly as possible. Ideally, you will create a daily exercise routine and follow some simple guidelines that I explain in the book.

In the audio book is accessed by the button above the password that is provided inside the book, so it is more cheap to book.

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You can also find it in the following places:

Córdoba Musical -  Cronista Salcedo Hierro nº6 local 9/10, 14001, CÓRDOBA

Musical Da Capo - Av. de los Molinos, 8, 14001, CÓRDOBA

Arvimúsica - Calle Martínez Molina, 2, 23004, JAÉN

Gran Vía Discos - Calle Gran Vía de Colón, 21, 18001, GRANADA

Flamenco Vive - Calle de Moratín, nº 6, 28014, MADRID o here

Enarmonía - Corredera Capuchinos, 22, 23740 Andújar, JAÉN

UK Flamenco Guitar Technique
Spain Tecnica de la Guitarra Flamenca
EEUU Flamenco Guitar Technique
Deutsch Flamenco-Gitarrentechnik
France Technique de guitare flamenco
Italia Tecnica di chitarra flamenco
日本  フラメンコギターテクニック
Canadá Flamenco Guitar Technique
Australia Flamenco Guitar Technique
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