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Emperezando|new show and disc

Luis Victor Pérez returns to the stage again after a long absence due to personal and profesional reasons, this time he is full of hope; he wants to communicate feelings and excitement with his music.


For this new stage of his career, he considered creating a new show with an unique and fresh approach while retaining his flamenco roots.


He recreated themes for this show using popular audience demands from his previous concerts, these concerts will be adapted by new compositions along with most of his unpublished themes from his first studio recording: Empezando.



For that reason, he included his siblings, as many are vocational or professional musicians; he enjoys making music with his family something which has been a long standing tradition.



In addition, other artists have joined him, María Paredes as Singer, Álvaro García to hand-clap, Alberto Garrido on percussion and Miguel Espinosa on drums, these are some of the friends and siblings in music who have accompanied the guitarist in many ocassions.

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Summary Show

The record Empezando is already on sale in Itunes. The first studio disc by Luis Víctor Pérez has been available since September.


This disc has been produced from the staging of the show, and thanks to the great job of professionals like Jesús Zarrieas(technician of recording and production in Studies in South Córdoba), Alberto Pérez (technician mixture) and the studies Mastering Mansion Madrid, where it was mastered, the result of auto production has been a great.


The live format will be found in concerts or in Priego de Córdoba (Calzados Montenegro, C/Mesones, Paseos Priego, C/ Carrera de Álvarez), in Córdoba ( The music shop "Da Capo", C/ Los Molinos), in Terrasa ( C/ Santa Margarida ) 

Making off

Musical rehearsal of the show, here you can watch and listen to a piece of the single Spring in the South and the theme Torre de Santiago.

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